Dutch Flanker Display Team

Taking formation flying down to ground level

Posted on 13 October 2011

About us

The Dutch Flanker Display Team is a virtual demoteam flying the Su-27, mainly at public events and (flightsim) LAN parties.
The team was first founded in 2000, more as a name than an actual demoteam.
We had two members then, and flew our Su-27s in Flanker 2.0.

In 2001, we participated in the Lowland Tiger Meet for the first time, and were awarded “Most accessible team”.
Back then, the LLTM was located in the Dutch Airforce Museum, which was also open to the public during the event.
Over the years, we have become a regular participant at the Lowland Tiger Meet, the International Flightsim Weekend and the Military Flightsim Weekend (MilSim).

Currently, we have four actively flying members, and are doing both solo and formation demos, mainly with the Su-27, Su-33 and Su-30.

As of 2014, we are member of the HCC Flightsimulator group.