Dutch Flanker Display Team

Taking formation flying down to ground level

Posted on 27 October 2014

DFDT teams up with HCC at FS Weekend 2014

After a year’s absence, the Dutch Flanker Display Team will return to AvioDrome for the International Flightsimulator Weekend on 1-2 November.

This year, we will be part of the HCC Flightsimulator stand, and operating mainly under their name.
We will be located in the foyer (turn right after entering the museum), you can find us in the far left corner.

During this year’s FS Weekend, we will be displaying (amongst others) the newest and most realistic DCS module: DCS MiG-21bis.
Besides showing off the incredible detail of this astonishing aircraft, we will also perform mixed formations, with up to four different types of aircraft in one formation (modern and vintage jets, WW2 warbirds and even helicopters!)

As usual, feel free to ask questions, that’s what we’re there for!
If we’re not in a formation, just come over to one of our pilots, he will be happy to answer all your questions.

Posted on 14 March 2014

DCS Demo at HCC Flightsimulator meeting

Tomorrow, Saturday 15 March, the team will do a live demo at the monthly HCC Flightsimulator meeting in Almere, the Netherlands.

Joe Kurr and Liger Zero will be present in Almere, while Wasserfall and Beerhunter join in from home for the morning session.

Amongst other things, we will be showing the following:

  • Formation flying with the Su-27
  • Inflight refueling with the Su-33 behind an IL-78
  • Carrier operations with the Su-33
  • Solo aerobatics with the Su-27

If time permits, there will also be room for checkrides.

The meeting will take place in community hall “De Wieken” in Almere, from 11:00 until 15:00.

Posted on 19 November 2013

LLTM 2014

The crew is hard at work to have the Lowland Tiger Meet back on the calendar in 2014.
The date and location are already set:

Date: April 3-6, 2014
Location: Wzzrd Game Cafe, Enschede, the Netherlands

There are still some hurdles to take before the subscription can start, but please spread the word, as this will be one of the best flightsim events of 2014!

Visit www.lowlandtigermeet.com for more details.

Posted on 18 November 2013

New website

We thought it was time for a new look to the DFDT website.

Since we received many positive reactions about a previous design, we decided to use that one as a base to build this new website.

We hope you like it.

Posted on 22 October 2012

International Flightsim Weekend 2012

During the first weekend of November, the Aviodrome museum at Lelystad Airport in the Netherlands will once again host the biggest flightsim event in the world.
Over 300 participants will show the public what flightsimming is all about, from the simplest desktop to a full-blown working cockpit of an F-16, F-104 and Boeing 737.
There will even be several home-made 6DOF motion platforms on display.

For a complete list of participants and more info on opening times and entrance fees, visit www.fsweekend.com and www.aviodrome.nl

The Dutch Flanker Display Team will be entertaining the crowd with close formation flights (usually extremely low), dog fights and checkrides for those who are interested.
Since there will be no internet connection at the event, we will not be flying DCS, but sticking to FC2 instead.

Posted on 6 September 2012

Q-Music DJs to fly with DFDT at Milsim

During the Milsim Weekend, DFDT will host the Q-Dogfight.
Two DJs from the Dutch radio station Q-Music will attempt a dogfight against each other in our Su-27s.

Don’t miss this and come visit us on September 15 / 16 at the MLM (Dutch Airforce Museum) in Soesterberg.

Exact date and time will be announced when available.

Posted on 18 February 2012

It’s Official DFDT added SU-33 to the fleet.

Early morning at Sochi the DFDT SU-33 was spotted at paint rollout and first flight in the new colours.  At landing Pilot Liger Zero noticed spotters on the roof of a nearby building.  After the report of spotters we decided to make it official.  Also these photos appeared on the aviation forums again.

Around 6 AM the DFDT Su33 was spotted at roll out. ( Photo 1 )

Furthermore the plane was spotted at landing ( Photo 2 and 3 ) The pilot Noticed the Spotters and did a Low-Level FlyBy for confirmation ( Photo 4 )

Posted on 16 February 2012

Is this the New Dutch Flanker Display Team Su-33 ???

During a Spottersday at Sochi 2 spotters managed to take a Photo of an Su-33 being sprayed in the main hangar at Sochi.

They posted on several forums that this aircraft is the NEW DFDT  Demo aircraft.

DFDT Squad leader Joe Kurr said this in a official notice:

We are planning to purchase 1 or even more new aircraft. Which one, we cannot tell at the moment. All I can say is that these planes are being tested as we speak.

On the question about the recently spotted Ex IAF Su-30 MKI and Russian Knight Su-30 . His Email reply was short he said: No comment

Posted on 28 November 2011

Milsim Weekend 2012 announced

Next year there will be another Milsim Weekend in the Military Aviation Museum in Soesterberg.

The date is set on 15/16 September 2012.

More information will be posted when available.


Posted on 14 November 2011

DCS / FC Roadmap announced

Matt Wagner has announced the planned roadmap for DCS / Flaming Cliffs the upcoming months.
Like the release of Black Shark 2, this one also contains some very nice surprises!